CAD CAM software system

CAD-CAM software suite

• CAD-CAM programming environment for additive + subtractive processes based on RhinoCAD and HY5CAM machining plugin
• Visualization and collision checking of the output paths
• Floating license for use on multiple workstations
• Postprocessor for the respective machine.

Keeping an overview with HY5CAM

Despite the increasing market penetration of additive manufacturing systems, parts are often only generated in three axes even though the available system equipment, such as robots, linear or parallel kinematics, allow for complex movements. These are often also hybrid-usable through automatic tool changes between DED as well as pellet FDM and mechanical processing. Equipment manufacturers and system integrators invest a lot of time in providing sophisticated hardware solutions and refining the equipment and technology modules contained within them over the years. However, after handover to the user, the problem often arises that the variety of options requires a learning curve and the equipment does not immediately produce the long-awaited 3D printed parts at the push of a button. 1A Technologies provides this button press based on a close cooperation with moduleworks GmbH and enables the production and repair of parts in full, regardless of the kinematics and technology used, both additively and subtractively, in the HY5CAM software. The collaboration started on the basis of a customer project with Bionic Production GmbH, which makes the „Mobile Smart Factory“ available as a production environment in a container on site. The container solution makes it possible to generate parts at the customer’s site or on the way there (by ship or railway) independently of the external conditions, with only an external power connection of 63 amperes. The so-called WAAM process or wire DED is used here, as well as the automatic tool change to measuring probes or milling tools for intermediate and final processing of the parts. One main application of the Mobile Smart Factory is the fast delivery of parts on demand in small quantities. An example is the casing of a windshield wiper motor of a seagoing vessel, which must be replaced due to corrosion affecting the function of the windshield wiper, in order to guarantee safe further travel.

In this case, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, a member of the Schulte Group, has commissioned the production of components for one of their managed offshore supply vessels. (Image in the top right corner shows the vessel „Leibniz Quelle“ of Bernhard Schulte Offshore, while the image in the bottom left shows the windshield wiper motor housing, and the image in the bottom right shows the corroded housing, source: Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement)


In the field of spare parts manufacturing, the complete CAD data is often not available and stored in the form of drawings. In order to make manufacturing time and data preparation more effective, a CAD model of the part is created using the digitization tool contained in the container and, if necessary, post-processed at the defective areas and functional locations.


Subsequently, the digitized component is programmed using HY5CAM for both additive and subtractive manufacturing. With an enormous range of automated processes suitable for beginners, as well as complex algorithms adapted to the respective component, the generation of path planning is fast and intuitive.

User interface of the HY5CAM programming environment


Afterwards, the tool paths for the respective kinematics used are transformed. A comprehensive collision consideration is possible from the machine, tool and workpiece to the clamping device, ensuring the optimal accessibility of all machining positions. In this case, the output was made for a hybrid parallel kinematic 6-axis machine type P700 from METROM Mechatronische Machinen GmbH, which forms the core of the mobile smart factory.

Visualization of all components involved and moved in the process


The component is carried out inside the sea container first using the WAAM process, applying an automatic interlayer temperature control. This is selectable in the post-processor and implemented through the control functions of the machine.

Subsequently, the component is mechanically processed with various milling and drilling tools to finish the final contour directly in the same system.

The result is a component that is completed to the full satisfaction of the customer in a very short time, thanks to the collaboration of all partners involved.

3D generating of the raw part geometry with measurements

outer machining on the left, inner machining on the right to final contour

Double-sided finalized component for subsequent installation

Efficient Spare Parts Production with HY5CAM: Streamlining Manufacturing Processes

Looking for a reliable solution to optimize spare parts production? Look no further than HY5CAM. Our advanced technology simplifies the planning and manufacturing process by leveraging existing knowledge of processing parameters, both additive and subtractive. By storing qualified parameters as data sets, HY5CAM enables swift and efficient reproduction of identical spare parts, even in quantities as low as one.
HY5CAM is a versatile tool utilized in DED-W system equipment, employing arc or laser, for pellet FDM and Screw Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (SEAM) processes. Leveraging extensive experience from both academic and industrial environments, our software continually evolves to incorporate the latest advancements. Discover more about HY5CAM by testing the software for free. We take pride in showcasing that complexity can be simplified!
Founded in 2020, 1A Technologies aims to provide industrial-scale 3D printing components. Our primary focus lies in the production and distribution of the SEAM process, patented by Fraunhofer IWU. With adaptations made to 30 machine systems worldwide, we offer a comprehensive solution.

Subscription License

HY5CAM includes powerful postsetting and post-processing tools allowing you to fine-tune your machine movements and convert unposted movements into posted movements specific to your machine’s kinematics. With support for inverse and direct kinematics, motion planning, path optimization, and more, you can achieve exceptional results. We even offer an optional debugging mode for full access to all data during post creation, which is ideal for research institutions and universities.

  • Our additive manufacturing solution provides a programming interface for path planning of multi-axis tool paths for surface coating or volume-based application, with integrated 6-axis orientation control for wire routing. Whether you need to repair or modify a part geometry or utilize the power of 3D-printing our solution offers a wide range of options. Our library function supports Laser DED, which is particularly useful for repairing or modifying the geometries of pre-machined molds, as well as SEAM and WAAM technologies. SEAM’s fast printing speed and ability to work with a variety of materials make it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, from prototyping to small-scale production, while WAAM utilizes wire arc to melt and deposit metal for 3D-printing. By incorporating these technologies into HY5CAM, we can offer precise and efficient solutions for your additive manufacturing needs.
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